Sangamon Valley Woodcarvers

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Pictures of carvers and their projects from the Steve Brown August, 2014seminar.
To see more of Steve's work, go to
Click on any image to enlarge it.

This was the first Steve Brown seminar given to the Sangamon Valley Woodcarvers Club. Steve is an excellent instructor
and everyone had fun learning.

Front: Lee Legg, Fred Willoughby, Tap Hefly
Bonnie Rugg & Jean Maruska
back: Roy Schodtler, Ann Wolter, Jill Duhs
Marge Ray & Steve

Steve Brown demonistrating
the assembly of Collide-A-Scopes
to Jean Maruska and Tap Hefley

Members of the class and their projects

Ann Wolter

Ann and her sister
Jean Maruska

Bonnie Rugg

Fred Willoughby

Jill Duhs

Lee Legg

Marge Ray, Tap Hefley
& Jill Duhs working
on their projects

Roy Schodtler

Skip Perry

Tap Hefley with
Steve Brown

Tom Vehovc

Steve talking to Tom
about his project