Sangamon Valley Woodcarvers

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Pictures of carvers and their projects from the Kathy Overcash October, 2012 seminar.

Kathy, from Virginia, specializes in carving whimsical Cottonwood bark houses.
We were pleased that she agreed to travel to Central Illinois to give the class.

To see more of Kathy's work, go to
Click on any image to enlarge it.

Bark houses are cut in half in order to
carve windows & doors. Kathy shows how to
glue house halves together.

Once chimney's are carved, the
Kathy shows how to burn the bark
around the opening.

Kathy shows Roy paints she
uses on her pieces.

Ann Wolter

Bonnie Rugg

Jean Maruska

Lance Noone

Marge Ray

Roy Schodtler

Skip Perry

Tony Agatucci

Tap Hefley